Feeding the future

At CAES, we are committed to innovating the field and feeding the world’s growing population.

Poultry Science

Georgia is the largest poultry producer in the world and the University of Georgia has been working to support the state’s robust poultry industry for decades. Research from our poultry science department makes production safer, healthier and more efficient.

CAES is proud to support the poultry industry through the construction of a new poultry science building on UGA’s South Campus. The new facility will have cutting-edge research labs and collaborative learning spaces to support the largest sector of agriculture in Georgia.

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Harsha Thippareddi with student in laboratory

Faculty in the Department of Food Science and Technology faculty conduct research in diverse areas critical to the quality, safety and economic value of our food supply while minimizing environmental and energy costs. 

Food science students are trained in the science and skills to make innovative food products that are not only filled with flavor and nutrition but are also safe and contribute to the health of the global community.

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Fanbin Kong in Laboratory


The Food Product Innovation and Commercialization Center (FoodPIC) is internationally recognized for the development of innovative food products and for the implementation of cutting-edge science and technology.

The FoodPIC forms a strategic alliance with external marketing, technology and engineering groups to help food companies take a new product all the way from conception to market launch. The FoodPIC is guided by reliable consumer preference analysis and driven by client food company profit goals.

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Professional woman in front of reception desk at a hotel

Hospitality and Food Industry Management

CAES’ Hospitality and Food Industry Management (HFIM) program equips the next generation of hospitality leaders through hands-on experience, industry-focused research and forward-thinking outreach programming.

HFIM has a unique opportunity to actively integrate efforts that focus on the delivery of products and services directly linked to the university’s mission as a land-grant institution, through entities including the Food Product Innovation and Commercialization Center (FoodPIC), the Center for Food Safety and UGA Cooperative Extension

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As we enter a new century, the study of agricultural and environmental sciences begins a new day. Today’s agricultural and environmental scientists help provide food, clothing and environmental protection for their neighbors next door as well as populations around the world.

Animal and dairy science faculty, Extension specialists and students are working towards a better understanding of the critical issues facing the world today in livestock, animals and biotechnology.

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Dual MD/PhD program student Samantha Spellicy using a pipette in Steve Stice’s laboratory in the Rhodes Center for Animal and Dairy Science.