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Advancing healthy living with bioscience

Regenerative Bioscience Center

Stroke, heart disease, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s are currently untreatable. These devastating diseases touch everyone’s lives in some way. Our researchers at the Regenerative Bioscience Center are developing new methods to treat these diseases, transforming the field of medicine along the way.

UGA’s Regenerative Bioscience Center (RBC) is a synergistic unit of researchers from a range of disciplines and institutions. The RBC is making great strides in developing new cures to treat these diseases and transform the field of medicine along the way. CAES recently received University System of Georgia Board of Regents approval for a new regenerative bioscience major, through which our faculty will equip the next generation of leaders in the field of regenerative bioscience.

Visit the RBC’s website to learn more about the cutting-edge, interdisciplinary work being done to advance healthy living through bioscience.

ADS Faculty member Franklin West and student pipetting in the laboratory.

Georgia has more than 570 bioscience facilities, many having a strong regenerative bioscience focus.

Source: CAES Newswire

Georgia is ranked among the top 15 states for overall bio-related occupational employment.

Source: CAES Newswire

Georgia was ranked sixth among the fastest-growing states in bio-related employment.

Source: CAES Newswire

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